Sleep well

Bedding and a good night’s sleep is what often puts off the non-camper. My advice is to do it properly. Be comfortable warm and cosy.

I now use a double height double inflatable bed. Mine has an electric pump that I can use from a simple inverter plugged into my 12 Volt car socket, or simply walk it to the nearest socket which can usually be found at the campsite facilities, plug it in and carry it back inflated.

If there are no sockets available I can use a foot pump, it takes about 10 minutes that is truly worth it.

For bedding I like to use made for purpose. I use two thick quilted sleeping bags that zip together to make a double.  If it’s going to be chilly I simply add a couple of blankets.

You can just take your own quilt from home but in changeable weather these can become slightly damp and take longer to dry. My morning routine is to air my sleeping bags outside in the sun, or if it’s wet I open them out and let my wood burning stove do the trick.

Camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. For me a super comfortable and cosy bed is where camping becomes glamping.