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Welcome to the Glamping Post, a guide to all things Camping and Glamping.

My name is Dave and I’m a glamper. My personal introduction was way back in the early 80s festival scene. People taking the ordinary act of camping but turning their spaces into magical environments.

With fabrics, colours and different world influences these early ‘hippy’ pioneers going back through the 70s and 60s set the trend for the style associated with modern day glamping.

I’m a life-long festival goer and camper. I have my own set-up that I can take where I please with all the style and comforts but compact and transportable. On this site I aim to cover both the glamping industry and DIY glamping.

I also build websites, which is how I came to build this. My specialist field is of course ‘leisure’, mostly focusing on holiday accommodation. I consult and have  clients who provide glamping holidays or supply to the industry. I hope here to bring people together and help make connections.

Oh.. and I play trombone! … and I make bunting. You can find it here: 

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Our partners  can offer help with planning, infrastructure, site design, accommodation types and related services.

Our aim help you best make the most of your land and start turning a profit in this lucrative and fast growing industry.

If you already provide Camping or Glamping, or are thinking of investing in this fast growing industry we are here to help. 

This month’s featured company… Glawning.
Producers of Camper Van Awnings – Stand Alone Two Entrance Bell Tents.

I do tend to talk about these guys a lot, but what can I say? I’ve got one and I love it! (my camper not as tidy as the one in the photo). It’s a really great tent and internal space, everything works just as it should so I’m very happy to recommend.

This drive away awning works as a standalone bell tent with two entrances or attaches to your camper to create a spacious luxurious living area. Add a wood burning stove for the ultimate in comfort.

Made from 350gsm natural 100% cotton canvas. Water proof, fire retardant and mildew resistant.

Once you have one you can become part of the Glawning community on FB. Checkout how other people use their gleanings and get tips and advice.

The team at Glawning are very cool and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. They also offer a great after service.

Mine is 5m classic. Perhaps a bit big and heavy for purpose but it is such an amazing space when it’s up.When not using it out and about, mine is up in the garden creating a chilled ambient change of scene.

It looks amazing at night time with warm light LEDs and candles in jars, and warmed by woodfired stove.  What could be nicer?

If I were to get one now, I would probably go for the 4m Classic. Even though I love the space that one metre less fabric means a lot less fabric and ground sheet, and so makes it easier to transport and carry around.

Four metres is perfect if you intend to sleep in the camper and the Glawning as a living space.

Visit their website here:

The good people at Glawning have offered a 3% discount to Glamping Post readers on all purchases. To claim your 3% discount quote coupon code: GLAMPING POST

Here are some cool things you’ll see on their website:


The classic 4m Glawning in fire resistant canvas is their flagship product. A luxurious canvas bell tent awning.
See their full Glawning selection here.


Get you whole set up in one go with a Value Bundle. Tent, stove, flashing, matting. It couldn’t be easier to get you out on the road.
See their full Value Bundle selection here.


Glawning go further to get you set up and running with a great range of accessories. Pretty much all you need.
See their full Accessories selection here.