Placing your bell Tent Stove.

Placing your bell Tent Stove

Big question. Where to put it? People often want to put their stove over to one side with space in mind.

It’s important to really give this some thought before taking the plunge and sitting the hole in your canvas. I let mine stand in the tent for a week or so in different places to see what felt best.

This isn’t a good idea for a few reasons. Firstly, it means that a lot longer length of your chimney pipe is outside. Not only do you use the valuable heat that comes off it, but it will never stand straight it will always look like a wonky hillbilly chimney… and will blow around in the wind.

Also placing it near an edge can make it too close to the canvas, mine can get very hot indeed. And there was a dead and slightly dangerous spot behind it that’s not really usable.

Much better to place it as close to the centre as you can, nearly the full length of the chimney within the tent. I have mine in the centre, just before the centre pole as you walk in.

Not too close to the bed which is behind the centre pole. It works well there, a focal point, nice to sit around and to cook on. I can turn it sideways when not in use to get it out of the way. 

Once you have made your decision it’s time for the big moment, time to make the hole! Watch plenty of youtubes to see how others go about it. Always best to be sure. Mine went without hitch but I was fully prepared and had done all my research.

You’ll need a ‘flashing kit’ around the hole for the chimney flu to go through. You can find these online.

My one came from the good people at Glawning: