Bell Tent Stove

Do you have a bell tent 4m + but haven’t got around to fitting a wood burning stove? You are missing out. Adding my Frontier Stove has transformed my glamping experience. When it gets a bit cold and chilly outside there’s nothing like stepping into a cosy warm tent.

On a windy night it allows the evening to continue in luxury. I always take a couple of sacks of dry kindling and kiln-dried logs that sometimes I chop down a bit.

Go easy on yourself and use wood that you know will burn hot and smooth with a minimum of smoke. Using kindling sticks and small bits this wood you can precisely adjust the temperature of the top plate for cooking.

A few ideas to consider…

This one, the ‘Glawning GLOW Wood Burning Camping Stove‘ makes a great all round camping stove. It’s easy to light and keep going and give of a nice heat. Great for cooking or keeping your tent warm and cosy what ever the weather outside.

And a few options here on Amazon…

This one is like a mini AGA complete with oven. It will certainly give off a nice heat and looks easy to cook on, and in. I would imagine a bit bulky to travel with but perfect for a static glamping pitch.

Out of the box, this one is a tiny little thing and may take a bit of getting used to. But people who love it… really love it. The flu is only 2 inches so people tent to use an exhaust pipe or tubing. It takes the tiniest scraps of wood to keep it going.

This is the type I have. It keeps my office warm in winter and my tent cosy in summer. I doesn’t take much wood to give of a fair heat and stoke it up and it will glow. It warms my office in about 5 mins from lighting. And it all packs down into a bag to travel with. My recommendation.