Thinking of fuel

If you are taking your fire bowl or plan to have an open fire a really good idea is to take a few sacks of logs with you and a bag of dry kindling sticks. Hey and why not some fire lighters.

You might think wood can be found anywhere this isn’t always the case nice dry burning wood can be scarce, especially within easy walking distance of your camp.

If you are heading to Cornwall wild wood are few and far between. I find the best place to collect wood in Cornwall is skips! Take a saw and raid any builders skips you come across on your travels. There are plenty in Cornwall at the edges of towns and villages.

Saw it to ‘get it in the car’ length and finish the job when you get to camp. It’ll be mostly pine and so will spit a bit but will burn bright and hot. . If it’s daytime and the builders are there of course best to ask permission. If not always best to leave it tidier than you found it as a thanks.

I take sacks of kiln dried logs. Guaranteed nice even heat for cooking and creates a nice flame sitting around. I take as much as I think I’ll need, then always add another sack . When you need it you need it and it makes no odds if you have to bring the spare stack home.

Same goes for camping gas if you’re cooking on gas always take more than you think you’ll need it’s good to have some in reserve there’s never a good time to run out while cooking.

Put another log on the fire?