Solar Power. Is it enough and what usage can I expect…?

I’ve always loved the idea of Power directly from the sun. I’ve had a few small set ups over the years and have started to gain good appreciation just how much energy can be captured from the sun and what uses you can put it to. I always think it’s a bit magical that you can actually store the Suns power to run your kit your kit.

So what I’ve learned… anything that creates heat is a no no. Kettles, electric heaters, toasters, anything that gets hot will eat your power in no time.

The best uses for a solar powered glamping or camper van setup:

Most importantly lighting, which if you are using LED will last indefinitely… and music you’ll find a leisure battery will play car music equipment for few days, and given access to some sunshine a whole lot longer.  Oh yes and of course charging… laptops, phones, tablets and speakers. (not that you should be taking your laptop camping)

With a nice solar powered camping kit you are independent from the grid and we will never have to worry about running down your car battery. How many times have I done that?

Enjoy your trip