Glawning campervan awnings

Hi, further to my last post featuring my T25 camper I’ve been researching awnings and have decided that the Glawning is the very best solution.

I’ve always been a keen camper and although I have had many good years service from my canvas Cabanon tent, it is now starting to feel its age. So the plan was to get a nice bell tent. Then the camper came along and things got even better. Camper with a beautiful bell tent alongside, what could be nicer?

I regularly put on events and am part of a team that run a small yearly festival (now in its 23rd year) and I may use the camper Glawning combination this year to run a small ‘pop up’ café.

Why choose Glawning? Well they look simply amazing. Beauty and function combined. They are fully waterproof and stand up well in bad weather.

100 cotton canvas, 350gsm, natural, water proof, fire retardant, mildew resistant.

I love the fact that it’s a drive away awning and so will also function as a standalone bell tent with two entrances.

There is lots of information on their website here:

For a 3% discount quote coupon code: GLAMPING POST

This video gives you a good idea:

And this real-time video shows how easy they are to pitch.


They also have some amazing accessories like this woodbruning stove perfect for a toasty warm tent on a chilly evening, also great for cooking on. No more worrying about how much gas left in the bottle.

Get’s up to cooking temperature in about ten mins, then just keep it topped up with kindling and small logs or collected sticks.

Get yourself a nice kettle and just leave it on for constant hot drink top ups, and to fill hot water bottles if it’s really chilly. As much hot water as you need when ever you need it.

Save time and money by and get the whole kit in one shot by going for a ‘Full Monty Fireproof Glawning Bundle’

With the bundle you get:

  • A glawning in fire resistant cotton canvas (individual price £849-£949). Choose your style and size of glawning!
  • A glawningGLOW stove (individual price £179)
  • A stove carry bag (individual price £19.99)
  • 2x 5m half moon neutral brown matting (individual price £169.98)
  • A flashing kit for connecting your flue to the tent (individual price £50)
  • Stove racks for resting saucepans and drying items(individual price £14.99)

Together these would normally cost up to £1382.96! However, with the bundle discount you save at least £112.95! Don’t forget to save an extra 3% by quoting coupon code: GLAMPING POST

*Prices correct at time of posting. Check their website for latest prices.