Get your whole Glamping set up in one easy bundle.

Do you have nothing and want everything? A complete amazing glamping kit with one click? It’s worth taking a look at the Glawning Bundles and save some money too.

You can get straight out there on your own glamping adventures or use it as a started point for offering glamping holidays if you have the land.

This bundle is the infrastructure. You’ll still need to kit it out with bedding. Chairs kitchen stuff and décor. I’ll cover this in another post.

Glawnings, as the name suggests are designed to be used as camper-van awnings and have two entrances, either can be connected to the camper. But they make great standalone bell tents too. This is how I generally use mine.

You can open both doors and let the breeze through hot a hot morning, making it bright, light and cool. As with a standard bell tent you can unzip and roll up the sides for extra ventilation. For chilly evenings and for cooking you will have a wood burning stove and ‘flashing kit’ for the chimney flu to go through the canvas. See my post on ‘Placing your bell tent stove‘.

With the Glawing bundle get the choice of tent model and a bunch of extras.

In the option below I have chosen the 4m classic.  I think this is the very best option. Mine is 5m and although fantastic when it’s up can be a bit on the heavy side for moving it around. You have ot balance up what your priorities are.

With this bundle, the ’4M Glawning Full Monty’ you get:

4m Glawning in fire resistant canvas
Their flagship product. A fireproofed, water proof, mildew-resistant, natural unbleached canvas luxurious bell tent awning.

Made using 350gsm cotton canvas, 520gsm ripstop PVC for the groundsheet, 40gsm white bugmesh, polyester-reflective ropes, zinc-copper coated galvanised steel poles, this retro awning is built to last. Poles, pegs and a bag are all included.

Pole and clamps/figure of eight for attachment to your camper van are sold separately, if you do not already own one!


A Glawning GLOW stove
Stylish, lightweight and robust. The glawningGLOW is natural addition for a fireproof glawning. The heat generated by this little stove is enough to use for cooking and to boil water for your mandatory pre-bedtime hot chocolate.

Stove racks for drying socks, resting pots on etc
By expanding the surface area of your glawningGLOW with these handy racks, you can cook, heat and warm up several things at once. Not to be forgotten on your trip this season!


A stove carry bag
The glawningGLOW’s soul mate. Designed to hug the glawningGLOW stove as tightly as possible, this carry bags makes even carrying your stove around slightly glamorous!


2 x 4m half moon matting
A washable, cleanable, foldable, and lightweight way to furnish the floor of your glawning, and keep your feet a little warmer too.


A flashing kit for connecting your flue to the tent
A silicone flashing kit with a steel ring which can tolerate temperatures of up to 300 degrees. Fits 60mm diameter flues as standard, but also has a larger 4″ cut line for the popular traveller stove flue. Fixes to your Glawning so you can say goodbye to cooking smells in your van.


To see this bundle on the Glawning website, please click here: 4M Glawning Full Monty Saver Bundle