Build your own Glamping kit

Build you own luxury camping kit.. and take it where you like. 

You’ve been looking at Glamping holidays and thinking how much? I could just get the kit and do it myself, then I’d always have it for the future.

With this ‘one stop Amazon shop’ guide you can pick up the complete kit in one go!

Ok, here’s a bunch of the essentials. All the must haves for a luxury camping set up.

Assuming you’ve got an ok sized car boot you should be able to fit the whole lot in one car load.

First and foremost item you need is the tent!

There are a few things to consider when choosing a tent, this is the biggest and most important item so choose carefully.

Size and weight: It’s tempting to go for the biggest and best when erected but there are a few downsides to this.

Think about how big and heavy it will be in it’s bag. Do you have room in the car? Do you have room to store it when not in use? Do you have a big enough space to dry it should you put it away in the rain? Will you have to carry it from car to pitch? I’m thinking festivals here.

Suitability: Where do you intend to pitch it?

If you are headed for the highlands and islands then waterproof and strength in strong winds are your priorities, however if it’s just the odd sunny weekend in Devon, the you may get more space and comfort with something lighter weight.

If you are going for the full 5m bell tent, this one looks good, from Go Outdoors.

An iconic shape in the outdoors, this family bell tent is easy to pitch, spacious inside and hugely popular with glampers, families and scout groups. The classic cotton canvas Bell tent is an icon in the camping community. The traditional shape and simple design makes them one of the easiest tents to pitch.

Tent sorted. Now you need to kit it out.

Glamping is about those nice touches and attention to detail. It’s the transformation of a normal camping trip into something more luxurious that may tempt a confirmed non camper.

In the listings below I’m covering the basics, but always keep your eyes open for a nice throw or nice lighting etc. China or enamel cups and mugs from charity shops are nice than your classic plastic camping mug.

This selection is more about fun, style and comfort

Your call, style is in the eye of the beholder. But the aim here is to give the wow factor, so covers over your chairs and bed with nice colourful fabric and get some nice things to sit around on and nice floor covering. It needs to feel like a special place to be,  somewhere you are happy to spend time. 

And now for some light..

Things to sit and lay around on.. (The throws in the style section above are to cover your seating with).

And somewhere to sleep..